Screen shot 2015-06-15 at 5.01.08 PMLet’s convert your EXERCISE ONE responses (DEPRIVATION MODEL items) into PROSPERITY MODEL items.  This exercise includes three steps. 

Step one:

Reword those Deprivation Model Items so that they resemble your PROSPERITY MODEL items.  Include thankfulness for success, for actions taken, for feelings and thoughts adopted. 

For example,

I am not beautiful converts into…

“I really appreciate how my eyes’ sparkles and my sincere open smile radiates; and I feel really good when I can share those two beautiful expressions of who I am from my beautiful soul and face with others and see them respond with warmth and ease in exchange.  I am going to smile and gleam with my eyes many, many times today even to myself when I catch my reflection.”

Step two:

Since your movement from lack to prosperity likely will take a succession of actions and changes, plan several actions and changes you will practice this moment and throughout the rest of the day, the week, the next 21 days.

For example,

I know I will never be financially rich converts into…

“Today, to celebrate my richness, I will share an item with someone three times such as a book I enjoyed, half of my sandwich at lunch, a funny YouTube I enjoyed, the money I find on the sidewalk.”

“Today, right now, or within the next two hours, I will take the surplus change hanging around my house or in my purse and create a box where I save surplus money until I have enough to invest (buy a stock, buy a tool I can use to earn money, buy something I can sell for profit). “

“Today, I will use all the free tools on the internet (YouTube, BlogTalkRadio, Twitter, email connections, etc.) and prepare three wonderful services for which I will charge money and grant discounts (over the next two weeks).”

Step three:

Act immediately, quickly, efficiently and with complete resolution and determination.  DO, FEEL, THINK, PLAN,  and DO SOME MORE.  Those energy loops you already have flowing exist because you did what you did with deliberate actions, feeling, thinking, planning and repetition.

This last step is part of the creation phase of energy work.  If you feel a lack you do not like, then remember the fullness you do have with a spirit of thankfulness.  Next, take that lack that you have and create a simple doable plan. Next, with that spirit of thankfulness quickly begin to implement your plan.   CONVERT LACK into PROSPERITY MUDRAS. 

Let’s practice the process again using the example of unfinished chores.

Exercise One:  Select a chore unfinished.

Exercise Two:  Remember a chore recently finished and how pleasantly the finishing of that chore felt.

Exercise Three:

Step One:  Convert your attitude about that unfinished chore into how you will feel once all or part of that chore is completed.

Step Two:  Create a plan of actions so that today, immediately, you can DO something that gets all or a part of that chore DONE.

Step Three: DO the Plan.

Step Four and following: Feel the pleasantness that swells up in you once you are done with that doable act and be thankful for yourself and effectiveness of that actions.  ENJOY!  FEEL THE SUCCESS which will fuel you – energize you- to the next success.

You have initiated the energy loop being opened related to that chore. You can repeat the above steps until you feel that the energy loop regarding that chore is completely open and fluidly creating an exchange of out and in or giving and receiving.  Energy creates energy.  Or rather, momentum creates momentum so that you are in the flow of energy. 

Here is another example:

Exercise One:  Identify the DEPRIVATION ITEM:

My body feels sluggish and heavy with fat.  I feel ugly.

Exercise Two: MOVING INTO PROSPERITY MODEL or experience a loop of prosperity which is already working for you.

I remember how fun it was today when I threw the ball with my dog while cleaning her poop in the yard.  She loved retrieving and chasing that ball and I loved seeing her happy with these few minutes of fun.  I was so glad I made the time to enjoy her too.  (Energy loop naturally openned.)


Step One:  My dog felt so happy to be chasing a ball and I loved doing that with her so I am now going to take that same happy fun-loving feeling and apply that to how I will feel both while I am moving and while I am building my body’s metabolism and energy.

Step Two:  Right now, or during the next two hours, or today before sunset, I will move for 10 minutes or more and I love to dance or walk next to the lake, so I’ll do that.  Hey, I have a few minutes right now so I’ll do 10 minutes of dancing with that YouTuber I saw who was teaching the RAMBA steps.

Step Three:  DO THE YOUTUBE RAMBA right now and in the next two hours climb my house steps up and down for 10 minutes and with my dog, walk around the lake for a leisurely healthy 30 minutes.

Step Four: After each activity, feel the enjoyment, pleasure, satisfactions, pride, energy (etc.) that you experience as you do the short immediate activities and the longer activities.

Wash, Rinse and Repeat.  Wash, Rinse and Repeat.

You will open up an energy loop that becomes more and more fluid and doable.  You will open up other related energy loops that perpetuates your goals into habits and into satisfying PROSPEROUS patterns that become so second nature, you do not have to think about them nor feel the negative, heavy weight of lack, depressions, disrespect, shame, or disappointment.

You are now in the creative pattern of living your life within the creative energy loops of life instead of shrinking and suffocating within the chocked and clogged conduits that you have grown to believe (wrongfully).

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