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You (and me and everyone else) can align with a DEPRIVATION MODEL CONSCIOUSNESS.  Adopting a mindset of DEPRIVATION sounds like a terrible attitude or tool by which to govern your life decisions.  Right?   You would not knowingly pledge yourself to groom deprivation.  Right?   But we oddly do (which we will now consciously change—using three exercises).     Consider, would you consciously go to a seminar which taught you how to

1) Avoid being loved or teach you how to be rejected

2) Avoid being helpful or teach you how to hurt others

3) Avoid being happy or teach you how to be miserable

4) Avoid being connected or teach you how to be lonely

5) Avoid being successful or teach you how to fail

6) Avoid being healthy or teach you how to be chronically sick

7) Avoid being rich or teach you how to avoid making money or be poor

8) Avoid having a purpose in life or teach you to be meaningless

9) Avoid being beautiful or teach you how to be ugly

10) Avoid being admired or teach you how to be repulsive

11) Avoid being peaceful or teach you how to be stressed and tense

12) Avoid being recognized or teach you how to remain invisible

No of course you would not attend classes nor seek a guru or mentor who stated they could teach you how to avoid everything that looked like life. 

Yet, you as your very own GURU (Gee, U R U…i.e…. Gee You Are You) daily meditate and embrace DEPRIVATION mantras.  Your daily mantras of deprivation are profoundly activated EACH AND EVERY TIME you deflate your enthusiasm, diminish your value, or decide you lack what it takes to do something you know is core to your joy or well-being, listen to those who teach fear-based tactics, or own shame or embarrassment which makes you feel small or detestable, or fail to apologize when wronging others or fail to thank others who help you. 

Let us now convert Deprivation mantras to Prosperity mantras.  Ready.  This will take only a few moments and as you repeat this cycle, it of course will be easier and easier so you can tackle bigger and bigger prosperity goals.  Here we go.