s41278cc120321_444_0As we raise our awareness, and learn PROSPERITY mantras (words, thoughts, vibrations, emotions, beliefs) and mudras (actions and deeds), we need first to listen to what we think, say, believe or own which is in accord with our deprivation model.  These types of deprivation mantras or mudras govern our actions/thoughts/beliefs/words which actually perpetuates and creates LACK. Oh by the way, own up that

The Luck of Lack

Lurks in the UCK

Of unpleasant MUCK

You Self-Create

Is LACK your goal?  Is LACK what you value?  Is LACK your purpose and mission in life?

Here are a few examples of lack consciousness or what I am calling DEPRIVATION MODEL mantras or mudras:

I know I will never be beautiful so I will avoid photographs or being in public so I won’t have to feel ashamed or embarrassed with others. 

I know I will never be that financially well off so I will have to settle and be grateful for what little I have and make do with what I have even though it feels so depressing.

Since I have been abused in previous relationships, I assume that such hurtfulness lurks in almost every future relationship so I will avoid such and that will keep me from being abused in the future.

More hidden from obvious awareness is the fact that what you think, believe, speak and how you act sculptures how and what the universe provides for you. Or on a more local level, you directly and indirectly sculpture your opportunities and your surrounding people and events.   

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