Conversational Genius Series

Within and Between Departments and Projects

In Sales Meetings and Pitches

With Managers and Supervisors

Between Colleagues

With Partners, Significant Others, and Marriages

With Children

Between Genders, Gender Identity Differences, Cultures and Professional Fields

  • Mirror, Mirror On The Wall – Reflecting and Growing Rapport
  • Trustworthiness:  Facts, Fables, Finding Answers
  • Discoursing Problem-Solving Verve
  • Restoring Conversational Moments In and Out of Meetings
  • Re-directing Group Focus
  • Challenging Perceptions While Avoiding Shame and Embarrassment
  • Confrontation and Correcting Courses in a Glass Menagerie Culture
  • Power of Conversational Deflection, Distancing, and Deferment
  • Hypnosis Techniques in All Situations
  • Hypnotizing the Verve of Cooperation and Happiness in Others
  • Power Plays During Conversations
  • Harvesting Your Personal Communication Genius
  • Converting Conversational Faux-Pas into Home Runs
  • Scintillation of Story-Telling as one Conversational Wizardry
  • Public Speaking Dreads Deleted
  • Putting Your Audience and Yourself at Ease
  • Techno Savvy, Sales Savvy, Managerial Savvy – Communicating Across Professional Fields
  • Communicating Between Language Gaps, Humor Gaps, Respect Gaps, Techno Gaps    (Each subgroup within a company possesses their own social and cultural language and attitudes which often become difficult to translate to other subdivisions of a company.  For example the CS and IT Team members may have their own humor, technical language and conversational slangs which do not easily translate in the realm of the Marketing Team, Legal Division nor Administrative demands.  Working this confusion out is no different from navigating cultural diversity and language barriers but is often forgotten, confused and filled with unnecessary glitches and offenses.  These days, it is not only the generation gap but the gaps between professional fields which need to be reworked cohesively, quickly and respectfully.)