Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 4.42.38 PMYour second step is to recognize what you already have in your life that functions within the PROSPERITY MODEL of consciousness.  What do you currently enjoy?  What do you have in your life which makes life easier, peaceful, doable, fun, pleasurable, happy, fluid, free, lively, meaningful, passionate, loving, connected, helpful, progressive, healthy, attractive, and successful?

Here are a few examples of PROSPERITY MODEL Appreciations: 

I love writing and enjoy/appreciate the following: the time, my racing thoughts, intelligence, and computer which enable me to write quickly and often. 

I love my peaceful, beautiful home and all who live in my home and all who have contributed to the wonderful surroundings of my home, including myself.

I love my profession and appreciate my education, my mentors, my clients, my office space, my marketing opportunities, the tools my profession has discovered to help others.  I love participating in the energy flow which exists between those helpful tools, myself (as a Psychologist, Counselor, Energy Worker, and Hypnotherapist) and my wonderful clients so we can all flow into vibrant living.

I love my children and appreciate their creativity, their intelligence, their humor, their diligence, their care for their well-being and their connection with me.

I love that my physical body enjoys exercise, movement, sweating, stretching, exerting and strengthening on a daily basis.

Now, write your PROSPERITY MODEL successes in a spirit of thankfulness and you will discover that reams of paper (or pages on your computer) will fill with all that you are creating that has extended from many of your already established PROSPERITY mantras and mudras.   This is a profoundly important step to take as you prepare to create within the other domains of your life.  This step will empower you to:

1) Appreciate your many, many talents at creating PROSPERITY.

2) Stir deep feelings and insightful thoughts of THANKFULNESS that circulates in your prosperity loops.   

3) You will recognize your current thriving PROSPERITY LOOPS which are fluid, open, giving and receiving.  These open and functioning prosperity loops work without you having to work so deliberately to their development because they are already functioning well.

4) Help you recognize your PROSPERITY attitudes, feelings, mindsets, thoughts and actions which you can now use CONSCIOUSLY as tools for creating prosperity in other areas of your life.   These are you PROSPERITY MANTRAS AND MUDRAS which you can apply every where in your life.

Right now, this very moment, write no less than three PROSPERITY appreciations you currently implement well.  Right now, write.  You can draw them too.   Move them from thought to form by moving your hand and arm (shift from mantras to mudras). 

By the way, one PROSPERITY MODEL tool you will notice is that you act with immediacy.

You act in the now.

You act quickly.

You act deliberately.

You act repeatedly.

Notice how quickly you act in the now upon those PROSPERITY items where you are currently successful.  It is that immediacy which stimulates the loops on your side. Actions open you so you can receive too from your energy loops.

You immediate actions might be small, quick, even momentary but they are immediate. 

When you find yourself saying, “later” “maybe” “I hope I can fit that in” then you know you have clogged (at least temporarily) one of your energy loops.  Admit the part you play in closing your loops so you can open them up. 

So right now, write quickly and simply write three PROSPERITY appreciations.

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