Much to the challenge of every magical formula for success, it is hard work, tenacity, perseverance, sweat and unending efforts that is essentially one of the top success tools which any guru will mention.  Habits must lead to self-discipline, regularity of effort exerted and focus relate to TENACITY as a supreme tool for success in any situation.  Yep, of course there are those times when you need to stop doing what you are doing and either find a new course of action, rest, recreate and sometimes give-up that particular project.  Often, sadly, people fail because they do not stay with the effort and project until it is adequately researched, developed, modified, marketed and redeveloped.  Blow-off those unworkable ideas but not because of lack of effort but because of sound realization that that particular project is just not ready to consume your time, energies and efforts. s41278cc120321_444_0