Thanks Bill for sharing this pithy quote which changed your life perspective, “Goals are dreams witScreen Shot 2016-06-01 at 1.59.10 PMh deadlines.”  Success is interwoven with three strands: 1) passion to sustain attention to accomplish a goal, 2) the passion that the goal met will alter the future for the better, and 3) the pure exhilaration that one has the power and talents and tenacity to make the goal come to fruition.  These three strands of success are also keenly wrapped in the awareness that time is short and that if a dream is to be achieved, the time is now to begin the processes necessary to make that dream come true.

The famous Yale study, which is now in question for its authentication, does clearly state that goal setting with deadlines is essential for guiding and driving a successful person’s efforts, time and resources.  So divide your dreams into measurable goals (or objectives) which have definite time deadlines that you either meet reasonably well or try with all you can invest to meet that deadline.  Whatever way you match your deadline, the fact is if you keep moving forward effectively, you will be way beyond the “starting” line where you were waiting aimlessly and stalling before you began to move forward.   Decide to run your own passionate race of life (and making your dreams come true) and get started…now… in wisely incremental steps and well-strategized steps.  Thanks Bill for the quote and guidance.