For women, and to men who respect women, women are the majority in all demographics in the USA.  Women are the largest represented in the groups of the poor, the rich (by family and or earning together), the income earners in families, the buyers, the educated, the uneducated, the prime parent, the child to take care of elderly parents, workforce/employees, all age groups–especially elderly, all racial groups, all religious groups.  Women are the majority in all these respects except three… CEOs of big companies, leaders of religious organizations, and politics.  These last three groups are supposedly the rulers of the nation or the key influencers.  If women wake up to their power as majority in all the other fields, we could reign in our country and breed a nonviolent, family friendly economic boom with quality health care and other community enhancing and humane infastructures and we would see a huge ripple around this Earth (needing protection too), our Mother.   Wakeup.  Be benevolence.  Be boss for the good of all.