Many tools are available to you via the world of psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and coaching techniques.

Therapies I use with clients can include deep psychotherapy, brief psychotherapy, family work, problem-solving and issue counseling, hypnotherapies, NLP, EMDR, EFT, PLR, Biofeedback, Neuro-biofeedback, many types of Child & Teen therapies, CBT, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies, Gestalt Therapy, Systems Therapy, Reality Therapy, Parts Therapy, Brain Entrainment, Mindfulness, Student Study and School Patterns, Memory Training, BodyMindSculpting™, Make Life Happen Coaching™, Paths To Successes™, Couples Resolution and Renewal Coaching™, Parent-Child Respect Training™, Psychological and Educational Evaluations, and many more tools which integrate nutrition, fitness, exercise, and somatic research as well. 

As you can see the list is very long and throughout this site you will find different descriptions of these types of tools that you might consider.

The important things is that you find tools that match 1) your current skills and personality styles, 2) your current abilities to change, and 3) those tools that will actually change you from what you currently are doing and thinking that is NOT working for you into that which will create the “YOU” and the experiences you are desiring.

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