Sometimes giving up on a specific goal, relationship and idea is imperative.  These paradigm changes clean out dysfunctional, out-dated, or horrible “things” and open theShorter one to try space in your time, heart and mind for the next “thing” you can create.

On the other hand, never say die!   Change, even endings is not saying die.  Change and endings are merely moving forward.  Why is this distinction important for success minded individuals?

Never say die but do say “time to change” because you don’t want your spirit to think you are ending your strives and eagerness to live when you are in the pain of waving goodbye.

You see, saying goodbye is painful.  Saying goodbye may even be an admission of a failure in that arena (on your part and theirs too?).  Saying “the end of this task” may feel like it is an end to you if your entire identity, effort and time were once dedicated to making that “thing” a success. But once it’s clear that you need to say goodbye, say it in a way that actually helps you recognize that you are now freeing yourself (and the others too, likely) to say “hi” to the next phase of life, next opportunities.

Oh, by the way.  Learn from your past.   Take what worked and appreciate it and be grateful and learn from what YOU did that broke the situation.  BLAME is a treacherously broken response which will only make you recreate YOUR same mistakes.