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First step: Grow Yourself

         Second Step:  Choose People in Your Life Who Are Respectful

Third Step:  Be aware of the changes or phases in all relationships that occur.  Phases are  good, bad, traumatic, terrific, fun, hard, easy etc.

Relationships go through phases and do not stay the same.   No matter who you are or how wonderful the relationship, there will be many phases along the path of your connection with any person, no matter how long or short your connection is.

Preparing and growing yourself into being a good partner in any connection is always the first focus and priority.  Your relationship with yourself is primary to any relationship.  If you are healthy, happy, secure, self-reliant, clear-headed, generous without self-sacrifice, loved and loving, your relationship with yourself will evolve more effectively.  Your relationships with others will be more secure.

Next, choose people carefully in your life.  Choose people that help you be your best self and treat you with considerable respect 98% of the time. Choosing people who are respectful can reduce the myriads of conflicts and pains in any relationship.  Friends, spouses, co-workers, coaches, neighbors, acquaintances, and professionals in your life need to be selected with deliberate, conscious decisions, not random carelessness since they will affect your life greatly.

Children typically are not chosen but grown from your and your partner’s DNA or someone’s unknown DNA.  Children are to be grown regardless of their biological tools and if you are in a parenting role, taking your job very seriously and professionally (with love and joy and fun too) will help you develop a child and a relationship that supports the many phases including the terrible twos and teen trauma moments.

 I look forward to being on your team, Dr. Carol Francis.