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About Dr. Carol Francis

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Discover tools for successful vibrate living with relationships, careers, families, children, health, well-being, happiness and meaningfulness maximized with the help of Dr. Carol Francis and her many therapy/counseling tools, life coaching, hypnotherapy, holistic health care tools, books, materials, videos, and audios. (Okay, the Branding Ad is over…now here is who I am…thanks for being curious.)

I have fun with my many travels (Europe or South America are definitely worth plane food yikes), plays and comedians, music (from Mozart, Rachmaninoff to Panic at the Disco, – yea Spotify), hikes (Cliff Trails mostly), jogs (huffn puffn), TV musings (Lie to Me, Game of Thrones, Downton Abby), writing (12 books published, and more coming), family routines and humorous antics (did you know teen sarcasm is a way of showing love?), and my work as a Clinical Psychologist, Marriage, Family & Child Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and Holistic Health Practitioner, Public Speaker and Seminar Leader.

Yes, work is fun too.

I find that meaningfulness is actually my path to happiness. Fun, humor, kicking-back, hanging-out are happy spots too but mostly because those moments feel so down-right fulfilling. Yep, meaningfulness takes my soul and sets it free to explore whatever, whenever, and wherever. Then I can’t wait to share the gold that I find inside and outside each box that helps others find their humane and enthusiastic VERVE.

Being curious about everything from science, human dynamics, mythology, bizarre out-of-the-box experiences and tools, and tools for WOW-LIVING that are in-the-box of mainstream science (psychology, biology, neuropsychology, sociology, biochemistry) is how I begin my journey each day, each travel, each session with clients.

Curiosity and satisfying curiosity is my central soul. Helping others live within their next WOW SELF is my central passion.

As a consequence, I research for decades and write about these tools and ideas from practical, how-to points of views. I explore the theoretical & hard scientific findings from technical journals, laboratories and interviews. I walk the ancient trails of Incas, sail the seas of Nordic Vikings, boar into the secret service tunnels if I can find them in DC, London or Moscow. Yea, I also spend days in the Louvre, Getty, or Smithsonian collections pondering the genius and their overt and covert messages. Of course, life is incomplete if I don’t have hands-on multiple experimentations with parallel mystically spiritual powers that are embedded in every soul and in every morsel of our universe. The Akashic, after all, is a supremely superior collection to the Library of Congress or the underground collection at Cal Berkeley.

Visit me at all the blogs below and of course at:, 310-543-1824 (office),, Twitter/Facebooks/Tumblr/SnapChat: DrCarolFrancis or Make Life Happen Now.

Professionally, I love to work with you as well online or in my office (in person), I would be glad to help you move your mighty forceful self to your next evolved WOW! Life is too short to wait to live.

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