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Attention, Concentration & Focus in Children

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Brain Functions are very valuable to teach students, athletes, and adults.   When brain functions are part of the Attention Deficit disorders or spectrum, then certain help is needed beyond brain entrainment.

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When an unexercised or untrained brain is losing focus, concentration, attention or memory, other tricks and exercises help to bring those skills in line with your potential.  Of course, brain training is important for at any age and for any reason.  That is discussed at this link (click here.)

Children vary by age and personality in their ability to pay attention, focus, and concentrate.  Clearly, if your child’s teacher or you cannot capture your child’s attention long enough to teach one concept or bit of information, his/her education and social progress will be hampered.

Diagnosing Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD), is a fairly straightforward procedure.  Help with ADD/ADHD is now quite available too. Treatment does not mean cure in most cases however since ADD/ADHD is a biochemical, neurological and/or developmental issue (or all three) and rarely caused only by social, emotional or psychological factors.  (At least this is the current mainstream perspectives).

Medication is very important to consider although controversial and tough to decide.  When medication works, however, it is like a miracle because your child focuses, remains calm, enjoys him/herself and is a pleasure to be with.

Learning to work with the ADD/ADHD traits in a child as a parent or as a tutor or an educator is quite doable although very involved.

  • Behavioral techniques,
  • chronic moment-by-moment supervision and monitoring,
  • frequent reinforcers,
  • brain entrainment tricks

are among some of the very active interventions that are used with success in the moments applied.

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Children can be long term depressed as well as momentarily sad.

If your child’s attention difficulties are due to emotional states (worries, sadness, loss, chaos, fears), psychotherapy or play therapy is more likely helpful.  Resolving issues by changing home stressors and school complications is vitally important as well.

Eating, exercise, sleep disturbances (apnea for example) also impede or improve concentration, focus, and attention and need to be evaluated and adjusted until the right formula is discovered.

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 11.46.48 AMDr. Carol Francis approaches children and families with focus, concentration and attention difficulties with many many different psychotherapy tools:

  • behavioral interventions,
  • parent-child interfacing techniques,
  • homework exercises,
  • brain entrainment equipment and
  • neuro-biofeedback equipment.
  • We teach fun exercises that can enhance attention, focus and concentration skills for children too.

Since children change constantly, so do the interventions at home, in psychotherapy, and at school as well.

If focus, concentration, and attention are not apart of the ADD/ADHD spectrum or diagnostic categories, enhancement of these brain functions can be taught.

Dr. Carol Francis conducts classes to teach no less than 52 tricks that enhance brain functions such as concentration, focus, attention, memory The first step is to know your style and strengths in terms of you or your child’s ability to attend, focus and concentrate.  After that is determined, exercises are refined that implement your natural ability to tune into the moment, information or conversation.  Whether in a corporate luncheon, club meeting or classroom, these exercises are fun, enlightening and usable–immediately.

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