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Child Abuse and Adverse Childhood Experiences

Child abuse of any sort (sexual, emotional manipulation, emotional yelling, threats, physical harm, exposure to abuse, pornography exposure, neglect) results in serious long term effects.   Dr. Carol Francis works with adults and children who wish to recover from abusive history.  For 40 years, in hospitals, clinics, schools and her private practice, Dr. Carol Francis has provide help to remember, to reframe, and move forward after a short or long term exposure to abuse.

ADVERSE CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES are quite important to understand.  ADULT ABUSE in relationships is also important to recognize and stop.

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From Vince Filleti,M.D. research on Adverse Childhood Experiences site noted

How serious should you take having been abused?   Dr. Vince Felliti’s research over 20 years indicates that the more you take it seriously, the more likely you are to minimize the impact on your body, your brain, your relationships, your self-esteem, your career success and your longevity.   I have included one of his many lectures below, so you and those who love you can take your concerns seriously.

Also, please fill-out the Trauma Form so you can appreciate that you have been exposed to disrespectful, unloving, unsafe and harmful actions from others from which you will want to recover.  You can also take the quiz about your childhood exposure to intense experiences at NPR’s site –click here. 

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