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Depression Plus Anxiety – Hopeless & Powerless

Powerlessness and Hopelessness

join together creating  

depression/anxious combinations.

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Depression and anxiety for you might go hand in hand.   This double whammy is very unpleasant.

You might simultaneously feel low-energy, demotivated, hating life and yourself and also feel agitated, distractible and edgy.   Thoughts and feelings you have maybe full of darkness and hopelessness while at the same time worry and fearful about something happening badly.

Causes vary from biochemical imbalances in your brain and surging through your body. Chemicals of depression and anxiety can result from excessive stress, radical trauma, lack of sleep, longterm overwhelming schedules, lack of exercise and a lot of crappy food.

Your family background, like a depressed mother or father, strained lifestyles, worrisome and hopeless family upbringing, can also affect the way you deal with problems, issues or projects.  You might have a trained response of feeling hopeless and being demotivated.   You might add to that feelings of worry or fear that failure is inevitable or a crisis is right around the corner.

Recent traumas, crisis and patterns of failures, overwhelming demands together throw people into being both depressed and anxious.

Treatments vary and can include consultations with physicians or psychiatrists. However, psychotherapies are shown to be effective and least intrusive.

Psychotherapies that have been shown to help depression with anxiety include Talk Therapies, exercise based combined with talk therapies, nutrition & exercise counseling, CBT, EMDR, Hypnotherapy and more.  Additionally, mindfulness, meditation practices, rTMS, and Neuro-biofeedback have good researched results too.

At Dr. Carol Francis & Associates we do each of these Evidence-Based Treatments.  We typically do many treatment approaches within the same series of sessions to address many parts of you such as your emotions, thinking patterns, traumas and crises, social and family issues, bio-physiological needs related to sleep, eating and exercise, deep psychological processes, stress management etc. etc.

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