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Depressed Due to Stress, Loss, & Illness

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Work, family, life in general can cause you to feel stuck and depressed?

Are YOU Depressed?

Not all depression is the same.

Are you hit with depression, sadness, grief, loneliness? You feel stuck, demotivated, low-energy, always tired, apathetic?

Hard time getting up in the morning? Drinking or drugs to numb the pains? Grief for a loved-one lost or one who died? Heart feels broken and life feels unbearably bleak.  

Grumpy and mean to those you love because you feel so horrible?

How does one recover from depression, sadness, grief?
First know that YOU ARE A COMPLEX MATRIX – Which can add up to depression.

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You are a matrix of your past, your social or work or family environment, your body, and your choices and activities and your soulful awareness.

You are an integrated or disintegrated combination of

  • events impacting you
  • your past
  • your personal choices
  • your family or social network
  • your body’s chemistry
  • your brain’s functioning
  • your soulful practices
  • your current stressors

You will succeed at changing your feelings of depression and sadness by actively beginning to change each piece of your matrix, bit by bit, section by section, part by part.

Dr. Carol Francis approaches changing your depression and sadness by gathering all the parts of your life that do function well and also all the parts of your life that seem broken.  Then Dr. Francis, with you, begins to alter these pieces of your matrix which cause you to be depressed, sad, unmotivated and stuck.

Dr. Carol Francis 310-543-1824 Over 40 Years of Experience

Using over 50 research-based psychotherapies treatments (body-mind science, brain entrainment exercises, in-depth emotional work and surface pragmatic tools), Dr. Carol Francis has been helping people for over 40 years with the complex experience of being depressed.    Throughout this site, much information is offered. Self-help tools as well on the blogs, vlogs and podcasts too are here to assist.

Self-Help Tip: Consider simple interventions such as food.  Certain foods cause depression such as  liquor or refined sugars.  Other foods can elevate moods such as juicing carrots, spinach and apples.  Malnutrition for your body means malnutrition for your brain, emotion-changing chemicals, focus, and energy.

Self-Help Tip:

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