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You began a family as soon as you were born. You expanded your family as soon as you married and inherited in-laws and all their history, issues, culture, joys and future changes.

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When you opted to have or adopt children, you wove your entire world in with an unknown, undeveloped human with their unlocked potentials, DNA and future needs, wants, and complications.

You have many unpredictable changes ahead for yourself as a partner, child, in-law, and parent.  No one tool or technique nor one parent-manual will ever make parenting flawless.  You will need to be on top of your life to maximize your child’s life.

Being a spouse, in-law, caregiver, and parent requires as much attention as a thriving profession or business.  You will need to learn, adjust, solve problems, deal with crises, emotionally flow and harness, mentally tune-in and engage, physically show up and be fit enough to do all you will need to do.

Dr. Carol Francis for over 40 years has helped many tackle relationship challenges to maneuver them into positive, functional, enjoyable connections. Scope through these pages to find ideas, tips and inspiration to move your family and yourself into the flow and success you (and they) desire. Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 4.36.35 PM.png

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