Paths To Successes with Dr. Carol Francis

Life Coaching * Hypnosis * Psychotherapy *Alternative Holistic Approaches

Types of Issues & Difficulties

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We help those experiencing the following:

Depression             Sadness                    Grief                Loneliness               No Motivation

Anxiety                   Panic Attacks          Stress              Overwhelm             Nervousness

Social Fears           Shyness                    Speaking Anxiety/Stage Fright    Social Fears       

Trauma                  Sexual Abuse           Emotional Abuse         Narcissistic Relationships

Couples Communications                     Sexual Intimacy           Emotional Intimacy

Premarital Counseling                           Problem-Solving          Conflict Resolutions

Couples Financial Conflicts                  Infidelity                        Divorce

Parenting Concerns                                 Disciplining                   School Conduct Issues

ADD/ADHD/Learning Concerns            Co-Parenting after Divorce

Childhood Depression                             Childhood Anxiety      Lying & Cheating      

Child Behavioral Troubles                     

Teen Depression                                         Teen Anxiety               Teen Conduce Issues

Smoking Cessation                                    Over-Eating Help

Past Life Regression                                  Meaninglessness         Spiritual Quests

Call to discuss what you are going through 310-543-1824s41278cc120321_444_0.jpg

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