Paths To Successes with Dr. Carol Francis

Life Coaching * Hypnosis * Psychotherapy *Alternative Holistic Approaches

Types of Therapy and Counseling Tools

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We use evidence-based psychotherapies, coaching techniques and counseling tools.

Deep Psychotherapy       Psychoanalytic Therapy       Jungian Therapy     Dreamwork

Gestalt Psychotherapy    Dialetic Behavioral Therapy

Couples Therapy                   Couples Empathy Therapy      Sexual Dialogue

Couples Communication Therapy         Systems Therapy                      Conflict Resolution

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy          Behavioral Modification         Classical Behavior Tx

Mindfulness Entrainment                 Brain Entrainment                   Neuro-Biofeedback

Hypnotherapy (Over 1000 Hypnosis Techniques)                             Self-Hypnosis

Play Therapy        Art Therapy           Child Modular Therapy         Play Role/Drama Therapy

Parent-Child Therapy                          Parent-Teen Therapy             Sibling Therapy

EMDR:Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing              Systematic Desensitization

EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques           Tapping Techniques

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