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Communicating NEEDS and WANTS to Your Spouse/Partner

Talking is a fine art between two people trying to be intimate.  Sharing needs and wants are part of being vulnerably intimacy.  The two people explain needs and wants because they hope that their partner will begin to fulfill some of those needs.

Desires stir expectations. 
But here’s what happens often.
Misunderstandings.  Misinterpretations. Confusion. 
Misunderstandings become huge sources of pain and conflict in a couple-ship.  Instead of misunderstandings becoming a calm opportunity to work together to resolve a problem or conflict, the couple becomes at odds, enemies to each other, in the moment.
Needs and desires become difficult to express calmly and confidently when conflict results from misunderstandings.   Thus two people who would rather care for each other become strangers or enemies.
Communication techniques that remedy these and many other confusions and hurts in a relationship are rather easy to teach. Even the first awkward practice session of these communication techniques results in calmer feelings, growth in mutual respect and some problems are solved.

Dr. Carol Francis has developed a whole workable, useable series of communication

Dr. Carol Francis Marriage and Couples Counseling 40 years 310-543-1824

techniques that ease the misunderstandings and move the hurting and angry couple back into harmony and respect.

Techniques Taught Include:

• Male/Female Language Decoding   (Male/Female energy or style as well)
• Sound-Bite Complaining with the Goal of Solution
• Problem-Solution Technique
• Airing the Dirty Laundry and other Stinky Endeavors,
• In-Laws – Learning to Tread Where Only the Brave Dare Travel

• Sexual Enjoyments Discussed
• Money Philosophy and Goals
• Empathic Listening
• Reflective Responding , Mirroring
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