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Soldiers Re-Uniting with Loved Ones

Soldiers and Loved Ones Re-Unite

How unfair that soldiers and their families who sacrificed so much would need to work so hard to recover from the effects of serving their country.    Soldiers totally change after going through boot-camp training, deportation, departure, prolonged separation.  Culture shock going abroad and their reverse culture shock returning hoe is confusing and off-putting.    

Post-traumatic reactions or trauma of battle hugely impact soldiers and are disturbing to spouses and families.  This is a huge weight to struggle through.

 Intimacy vs. estrangement issues and other complications which occur after a soldier returns home are common, very very common.  So you are not alone. 

Screen shot 2014-08-29 at 4.27.38 PMTo minimize the serious affect of these complications, Dr. Carol Francis wishes to provide veterans a free copy of the book, RE-UNITING SOLDIERS WITH FAMILIES. Please contact her at In addition, you can purchase her book or download it as an e-book. Dr. Francis’ book RE-UNITING SOLDIERS WITH FAMILIES prepares soldiers and their family members for the return home so that they can make the transition as painlessly as possible.

Download copy of “Re-Uniting Soldiers with Families” by Dr. Carol Francis by clicking below or order a print copy as well.  If you wish you can contact Dr. Carol Francis at also to attain you book.  Publisher is offering downloads at $0.99 to help families adjust well and happily soon by contacting Dr. Carol Francis at or through or subscribing here to your right.

Soldiers’ Medical and Psychologist Treatment

Everyone agrees that soldiers have suffered enough. We also agree that no soldier should be denied complete and free treatment for medical and psychological conditions due to their service whether here or abroad.

Then why are so many soldiers having to go to extreme efforts to ensure that their complications are researched, diagnosed and conscientiously treated? There is no answer nor excuse. In modern times, since Vietnam, soldiers have been under-served, under-diagnosed and under-treated.

Click here for stories, reports and more information which verify this travesty and hopefully encourage soldiers, military families, communities and the military to rectify the situation immediately.

Audio and Video for Soldiers

Imagine facing serious depression, culture-shock, family discord, PTSD, angry outbursts, joblessness, addictions, and physical maladies. Not much of a reward for soldiers and their military families as re-unit at home. Being prepared and aware is essential as we transition our military communities. Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis will be discussing these complications on 5 Radio Shows November 9, 10, 11, 2011.

Outreach Soldiers/Families

“Re-Uniting Soldiers with Families” by Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis walks soldiers and their family members through the steps it may take to reconnect with your loved-one after a families’ military member has returned. 

Now that your soldier is coming home, families need to prepare the house, children and routines so their soldier can move into the family successfully. FIrst, as described in more detail in “Re-uniting Soldiers with Families,” Dr. Carol Francis describes COMMUNICATION with your soldier daily or regularly if possible through all the various social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, tumbir, Myspace, Linkedin etc) so that your soldier can become immersed in the people, activities and lifestyles which you have created in his/her absence.Also, family members use as many communication tools to actually begin to bridge the gap of time and distance that may have developed. Can you Skype, use YouTube Videos or Vimeo as a means of animating your messages? Try as much as you can to enliven your presence in their lives. Let them remember family-life and see how it has changed too.

When they return, other communications tools will become crucial. “Re-Uniting Soldiers with Families” lays out many tools that will help you optimize your new life with your soldier at home. You can download this book so you can begin to organize these and other types of tools for successful integration of your soldiers into your families’ life. Download from:

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