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Certifying Emotional Support Animal

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Pets are companions who lower anxiety, decrease depression, abate loneliness, and increase functioning as a non-sighted, lowed sighted, or needs-based individual. For housing, planes, trains, buses, work environments, travel accommodations, and public locations that usually discourage pets, you can acquire a certification that a pet is an emotional support animal.

Dr. Carol Francis has provided the psychological evaluations for certifying the need for an emotional support animal.  Usually, the evaluation is 4 sessions long, includes a written assessment and a recommendation which can be taken to the location where you are requesting special circumstances for having your pet.   Several steps are taken for authentication –

  1. Meeting the pet and the pet’s person
  2. Assessing the situations where the certification is being requested
  3. Establishing correlation between a person’s well-being and the presence of the pet
  4. Psychological evaluations which are authenticating and professionally scored
  • mental status exam
  • history of concerns
  • psychological testing
  • trauma assessment

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