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Hypnosis, hypnotherapies, neuro-biofeedback, mindfulness training, meditation, brain entrainment and related modalities are all powerful psychotherapies, tools, and techniques Dr. Carol Francis uses in different situations, with different goals and different personal needs.

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Hypnosis and hypnotherapies use the many layers of a person‘s emotions, mental processes, consciousness, past, desires, beliefs, disbeliefs, simplistic child-like thinking and complex fantastical dream states.   Used often with NLP and Mindfulness, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapies lace verbalizations carefully worded to make suggestions, shift perspectives, reframe information, and lead to resolutions or soothing of pain.

Hypnotherapy also is useful for in-depth self-explorations.  Hypnotherapy provides ways of re-examining past relationships, past conflicts and past traumas and then revisits and reworks the impact of those moments.   Hypnotherapy is a playful way of  exploring possibilities, creating solutions and emotional experiences and mental processes that enhance a person’s potentials and choices.

Hypnosis can be used to embed suggestions that assist physiological changes and bodily functions related to pain tolerance and physical complications. As a consequence, hypnosis is helpful with pain perception such as labor pains, surgeries, dental procedures.  It aids those suffering from chronic pains and acute pain experiences.

Hypnosis has proven useful in controlling impulses and useful with addictive actions and has been known to help with substance abuse, eating disorders.   Hypnosis is Dr. Carol Francis primary tool in assisting with  and addiction to cigarettes.


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