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Spiritual Gurus, Spiritual Paths, Your Choice

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Consider 14 different spiritual paths and their teachings as you shuffle throughout your
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day and years.  Ranging from Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, through to Science, Nature, Money through to Agnostic Mindful Practies, we find tenants and tools aimed to evolve human kindness and to ease suffering.

Research confirms repeatedly that those with a faith or belief in spirituality or practice in spiritual activities (meditation, mindfulness, yoga) actually manifest less stress, less depression, better coping strategies during disasters, and minimal fear about future events including death.

Dr. Carol Francis examines the most noble tenants of 14 different spiritual paths in this book, even spiritual paths of agnostics or atheists, to help you walk through your current spiritual muse as you pursue health and enlightenment.

Your Soaring Phoenix

Book and Anthology by Dr. Carol Francis and Mary O’Maley

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Spiritual Tools and Soul Journey Tools are often hidden under the hush of a Western society bent on proud of objective and scientific evidence-based methods and

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knowledge.  Unfortunately, an enormous wealth of great POWER, WISDOM and INFLUENCE are lost as if they are part of a HIDDEN SCHOOL.   Actually these spiritual tools are not hidden but readers must suspend the blinders they have been taught while they learn and practice Spiritual Tools and the means of Soul Jouneys that can change lives in a myriad of ways.

Dr. Carol Francis, as Psychologist, Counselor, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Astral Projector and Remote Infuencer has studied these tools for over 40 years.  She along with 26 other interesting practitioners and teachers, guide readers into 42 experiences that are beyond the belief of the ordinary limits of empiricism.

Purchase this ebook or paperback book and enjoy the travels that await you.  

Soul Journey Tools and Spiritual Curiosities-ENJOY the Blog!

by Dr. Carol Francis

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