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OVEREATING – Over Weight – Weight Loss

Society seriously over extends the overeating and over weight profile because there is “big bucks” in weight loss programs.   However, when you are over eating and can’t control the urges to eat and your health is at jeopardy, it is time to get help. Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 6.04.37 PM

Dr. Carol Francis has been working with over eating and weight loss concerns for 40 years and is no stranger to the complications that people face.   Dr. Carol Francis won’t help you get so skinny your are unhealthy.  She won’t help you feel you are bad if you are not a size way too small.  But Dr. Carol Francis will help you find your optimal healthy eating, exercise and self-loving patterns.

Contact Dr. Carol Francis at 310-543-1824 to discuss the many therapies and counseling techniques that can help you with surface and deep issues facing your weight concerns.

Consider Dr. Carol Francis’ book  If You Can’t Stop Eating, Maybe You’re Hungry available online or in print through this link.

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Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 6.04.37 PM

Video Help for you to begin your healthy journey with healthy food habits from Dr. Carol Francis

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